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Efficiency of Strategies refers to the obvious and sometime subtle expenses that rob you of your principal. The largest culprit is the US Government and its taxation. Whenever appropriate, we employ Strategies that are Tax Preference, Tax Deferred, and even Tax Free. By plugging the hole in your investment bucket, your investments are better able to grow and compound faster.

Another more subtle culprit is management fees and commissions. Granted, some of these are necessary to utilize the tools that they promote. However, if you can achieve competitive results by reducing or eliminating those fees and commissions, you should be made aware of it.

For Example: If a “no-load mutual fund” is used, the commissions are eliminated. However, the fund’s management fees must still be paid even if the fund loses money. If you are aware of these fees and are fine with it, then you can proceed. However, there may be other strategies that are competitive without those fees.

Efficiency of Strategies may also include bulk purchases, timing, or a little luck. The point is the improved efficiency by reducing investment expenses helps your bottom line.

If this sounds like the way you would like to develop your investment plan, then CLICK HERE and let’s start a conversation.

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