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Safety of Principal is our cornerstone strategy, and we feel that is the most important strategy that we employ. If you are comfortable with High Risk Investing, we wish you well, but we are not the Firm for you. However, if Safety of Principal is already important to you, or you simply want to learn more, please continue.

Recent investment history showed the S&P Index dropping from 1549 (Oct 2007) to its 745 bottom (Feb 2009). The loss of value was nearly 53%. The Arithmetic of Loss shows that the S&P Index would have to rise by 111% to return to 1549 from the 745 low.

Granted, the S&P Index has regained much of its loss. However, how much better would an investor have been if their principal had never been reduced at all. To paraphrase Will Rogers, “It is more important to receive the return of your principal than the return on your principal.”

Following the Safety of Principal Strategies, our clients not only retained their October 2007 values, but have increased those values since 2007.

How have you done? If your answer is that your account has continued to grow from 2007 levels without new contributions, then you are already doing your version of Safety of Principal Strategies. If you claim that you are almost back to even, then you have not only lost principal, but you have also lost time.

There is no Crystal Ball, but most advisors agree that the road will be up and down. So, how do you RIDE the Bull and DODGE the Bear? Our Safety of Principal Strategies have navigated through the last two Bull and Bear Markets.

How are you positioned to deal with the next couple of Market ups and downs? How much time do you have to make up losses before you need your money? If you would like to have a serious talk about Safety of your Principal, go to the Contact Us and let’s start a conversation.

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