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A) Fixed Equity Indexed Annuities:

FEIA’s are offered through insurance companies. Some of the benefits offered in many FEIA’s include:

  1. Safety of Principal guaranteed by the underlying insurance company against losses.
  2. 100% of your contribution is credited to your Account Value without reductions for Commissions and Fees.
  3. Potential Growth is linked to the increases in common indices like the S&P Index.
  4. Annual Reset guarantees any gains to your Account Value are also protected against future loss.
  5. FEIA’s can be used in 401k’s, IRA’s, Roth IRA’s, and Non-Qualified.

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B) Retirement Planning:

At Advanced Planning Concepts, we help develop your Investment Plan with the following key areas in mind:

  1. Safety of Principal
  2. Understandable Strategies
  3. Efficiency of Strategies
  4. Competitive Rate of Return
  5. Financial Peace of Mind

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3) Social Security Planning:

Social Security Planning is important in conjunction with your Retirement Planning. For a Husband and Wife, there are over 2000 combinations for your Social Security Benefits.

How do you decide when to begin your benefits can be a personal choice, but economically, tax issues, and maximizing your benefits may be a more logical choice.

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4) 401k Planning/ Rollovers:

401K Planning is generally provided by your Employer. But what do you do when you change employment or retire?  There are proper steps to take to avoid taxation on any Transfers. In service distributions can be taken while you stay with your employer and are useful planning tools.

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5) IRA Rollovers and Transfers:

IRA’s are tools to re-establish your investing under your control. When done properly, rollovers and transfers are seamless and done without incurring a current income tax liability. Placing investments under your control opens up your choices for planning your retirement.

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6) Long Term Care (LTC):

LTC is a service. It is estimated that 50% of the retiring population will need LTC for at least 2 years. Current LTC costs about $200 per day. It could be an ongoing expense that you can self fund, insure, or use part self funding and part insurance.

 LTC can deplete your Retirement Funds currently at $72,000 per year leaving a surviving spouse with little more than Social Security to live on. Learning the various possibilities is essential to any Financial Plan.

 LTC can be provided at home or in a facility. Children often become the care-givers. This is a choice that not everyone feels comfortable about.

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